Symphony of Spirit

For the holidays we travelled to Golden, Colorado to be with members from both sides of our family: Ali’s family from the East Coast, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins; both of my parents; and my uncle and aunt. It was the first time that all these wonderful people were in the same place at the same time so we celebrated with food, laughter, games, presents, and indoor snowball fights (instigated by the great-grandparents). We all came together so easily, three generations playing and laughing together for almost a week. The harmony we felt was beautiful, almost musical.

It’s true that the relationships we create in this life are musical. We’re all just bopping along in the world; our little hearts beating a rhythm, each of our our spirits humming a quiet melody. And when we come together with others, family or not, it’s like each of our simple melodies intertwines to become a masterpiece improvisation, a symphony of spirit.

Of course, all the most beautiful compositions in the world have movement to them; harmonies can quickly become dissonant, then they resolve and the cycle repeats. There are also moments of silence when it feels like each of the separate lines are taking a moment to listen, to reflect on what was just played. Then everyone comes back in; the harmonies swell, change direction, collide, and settle back down into a sweetness that is pure and heartfelt. Just like family. These relationships take a lifetime to compose, and sometimes even longer than that.

The past year has given me a perspective into love and family that I never knew existed until becoming a mother. I am now more open with others, more honest with myself, and more fully aware of what I am capable of.

As 2011 comes to a close, I am deeply aware of the notes that my spirit is resolving to; and next year, I will be even more mindful of how my own melody dances with the others in my life. I will also allow myself to sing just a bit more loudly than it has in years past.

2012 will be love and light and music and peace and family.

Happy New Year!