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5 Reasons Why Every Family Needs a Gathering Drum

1. For Laughter

There is nothing more soul satisfying than hearing your children’s laughter echo through the house. There are so many ways to have fun with a gathering drum, the possibilities are endless! Our personal family favorite is when we place egg shakers on the drum head and strike the drum just next to the shaker, without touching it. The shakers jump and dance around! This is called “sympathetic vibration” fyi…

2. For Turn-Taking

Kids don’t mind taking turns when the turn-taking itself is a game. Play a call and response game like “Echo Echo” – one person plays a simple rhythm and the others repeat it! You can keep it interesting by playing increasingly complicated rhythms and see who can keep up!

3. For Sharing

Gathering drums are meant to bring people together. They are large enough so that everyone has a spot around the drum. The purpose of a gathering drum is to share music and connect with other family and community members.

4. For Family Jam Night

Get the whole family together, newborn to Great Grandma, put a gathering drum in the middle of the room with a few shakers ready to play, and see what happens. Magic is the word that can best describe what everyone will experience. You will experience laughter, turn-taking, sharing, and friendship. You will sing your favorite songs, kids will dance, grandparents will dance, pictures will be taken, and memories will be made.

5. For Health

Have you ever heard of HealthRHYThMS? It is an evidence-based group empowerment drumming protocol that has been proven to reduce stress and boost immune system. Imagine bringing the powerful health effects of music into your home, just by playing the drums! It benefits people at every age and stage of life.