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Finding Time to Let My Spirit Play

It has been quite a long time since I updated my blog. Not because life is boring and I have nothing to talk about… but because there is just TOO much going on for me to even stop and think straight, let alone write from a place of introspection.

My hubby and best friend just left the country for a long 10 weeks. He’s a busy creative spirit with a number of film projects underway, and he needs to be there for some time in order to accomplish everything he’s set out to do. This has left Cienna and I with a lot of mommy-daughter time to look at each other and go “huh… what do we do now?”

I don’t think I fully appreciated my man and the amount of work he does with Cienna and around the house until he left two weeks ago. He goes every year for at least 6 weeks so we’re pretty used to it, but this year we have a rambunctious 16-month old who has learned to talk and climb and whine and jump and get into every little thing we don’t want her to! The good thing is that it makes our days fly by, the bad thing is that I’m exhausted at the end of each day and feel like I’ve accomplished nothing- which, of course, is untrue… raising a toddler is more than a full-time job in and of itself.

I guess “nothing” is more of a reference to what I do for myself each day. I need to find a way to get some me time. Some creative spirit time. Some yoga, lavender candle, breathing, bubble bath time. Some Mama Bee foot rub time. Some reading, writing, guitar playing, grown-folk singing time.

Every once and a while I’ve carved out some spirit-energy hippy space/time, but not very often.

However, I had an incredible late-night gab fest with an old friend this weekend. She used to be just my best friend’s little sister – my little sister. What an inspiring young woman Dana has become! We saw her just days after graduating from college with a degree in creative therapy (dance, sand, art, music), and days before she left for Thailand to teach yoga and art at a Thai orphanage for a year.

We chatted for hours about numerology, the Mayan calendar, finding and harnessing the energy to  reach for the path you are destined to walk in life. I came home rejuvenated and ready to recommit to my yoga/creativity practice. I forget sometimes how important that part of my life is, and how necessary the spiritual principles of creative work and yoga are in my daily experience of the world.

So, while I miss my man oh-so terribly and I just want him to come home and kiss me and love on me, and rub my feet and take over bedtime duties with the little BIG lady, I’m also enjoying the quiet that is left when she is finally asleep and I emerge from her room to an empty house. I can unroll my mat, light a candle, pick up my guitar, start a bubble bath, or anything else that feeds my spirit that night.

It’s kinda like when I lived alone in a little one room cottage in Sedona, AZ. The late-night inspiration came readily because I could be left alone with my thoughts. Even though my energy is much lower at night now (I am definitely not  a single 22-year old anymore), there is still so much learning I can do when the quiet kicks in…

The trick is to stay awake long enough to do something with it…

*photo courtesy of Karly Summers on Flickr