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Music Mentoring

NEW Young Musician Academy!

This 8-month music mentoring program takes students through four important aspects of music learning and sharing: theory and technique, songwriting and arranging, audio and video recording, and performing

Private lessons and small multi-instrumental group classes (Young Musician Bands) are available during each 6-week session.

SESSION 1: Classes and Lessons focus on music theory,  technical skills, which are important at every age and every stage of the learning process.

SESSION 2: During session 2 we build on the skills developed in Session One and focus on songwriting and arranging, the creative aspects of music making.

SESSION 3: This session is all about recording your music using digital audio techniques and/or video. Then your music is be shared on our Soundcloud page!

SESSION 4: Performance skills are focused on in session 4. How can you take your music to the next level and share it on the big stage?

YOUNG MUSICIANS SHOWCASE: A chance to share your music in-person at a live music venue or virtually!

Additional MASTERCLASSES and WORKSHOPS are available throughout the year, taught by successful musicians who will give you insight into the new music industry.