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3 Energizing Breaths for Kids Who Love Superheroes


When you are a parent or work regularly with kids, you know that there are times when you really need their help or it’s time to listen and follow directions, but your child is too tired, uninterested, or uncooperative.

When your child or classroom needs a pick-me-up what do you do? Here are a few breathing exercises that are super easy and honestly, pretty fun. Introduce these breaths at a time when your child is feeling open and engaged, then encourage them to try one at a time when they need some energy.

When my students walk in the door of the studio and they are over-scheduled, tired, grumpy, we do at least one of these breaths. It puts a smile on their face, oxygen in their brain, and a rush of energy that lasts throughout the rest of our time together.


Here are times when I think these breaths could be useful:

Before School

Kids are waking up earlier and earlier for school and expected to be ready to learn by the time they get to the classroom. Make an energizing breath part of their regular morning routine and you’ll find that it becomes like coffee for them. Their bodies and brains will crave it every morning.

After school and before activities

This is a crucial time. Personally, I don’t even have my kids in after school activities yet. They are just too exhausted and grumpy to participate in anything else at the end of the day. But for those who have lots to do, for goodness sake, give the kid a snack and encourage some breathing. It will help them to regroup so their brains continue to work.


Give these a try and let me know what you think by commenting below! How did your children respond?