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Book Highlight—Haja: The Bird Who Was Afraid To Fly


“She knew that one day she would learn to fly high up in the sky, just like her parents and grandparents before her.” —Haja: The Bird Who Was Afraid To Fly

Join Haja on her journey to face her biggest fear in the musical storybook, Haja: The Bird Who Was Afraid To Fly. The story of Haja brings West Africa’s vibrant colors and sounds to life through interactive, musical elements. Your four- to seven-year-old will love learning the element of rhythm by adding the sounds of Haja’s heartbeat, the wind, and the rain on the mango leaves.

Additional features include a companion CD with an audiobook of the story, a djembe drum jam track, and the instant classic song “Fly Haja Fly,” written and performed by me, Julia Jordan Kamanda, and my students from J3 Music Studios.  As a singer-songwriter and author, I have dedicated my life to teaching the art of music and being a “mom on a music mission.” This storybook is a creation of my passion and dedication to helping others discover the gift of music. 

Haja: The Bird Who Was Afraid To Fly teaches your little one the strong message of perseverance and strength in a fun, interactive way. Introduce musical concepts to your child this holiday season! The perfect gift for any teacher, musician, or child, Haja: The Bird Who Was Afraid To Fly promotes musical learning.

Find Haja: The Bird Who Was Afraid To Fly online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Also look for the Haja Teaching Guide—the perfect gift for classroom teachers, music teachers, and parents.

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