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9 Steps for Accessing the Law of Creativity


Each of us is born as infinitely creative beings. We are taught that as we age our brains are less flexible and unable to access new parts of itself. But this is not true! The nature of our brains and of our consciousness is that of elasticity. Our minds can stretch to depths we still don’t know are possible.

By choosing to recapture your innate creativity you will reawaken the excitement and potentiality of your youth.

According to Deepak Chopra “…creativity is not an impulse, but a process.” In The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes, The Law of Creativity unfolds in nine steps:

1. Intended goal

2. Information gathering

3. Information analysis

4. Incubation

5. Insight

6. Inspiration

7. Implementation

8. Integration

9. Incarnation

I am reminded of this process right now as many of the intended goals I put out there a few years ago are actually coming into Integration. I am seeing these goals manifest all around me, personal goals, financial goals, career goals.

Since I first started my journey down this road of conscious creative manifestation I have tried to maintain a naïveté about my goals. I tell myself I’m going to do XYZ and then when someone asks “how, exactly do you plan on doing this?” I say “I have no idea! But it’ll happen, I just have a feeling…”

Every time my subconscious has followed these nine steps I’ve always reached my goal, and often it manifests in ways I don’t expect!

Let us remind ourselves that creativity is a PROCESS, not an impulse. Just as parenting is a process. As parents and as creative spirits we must remember to not only recognize the process, but respect it.

So what is it that you want right now?

What steps have you taken to get yourself closer to that goal?

*this post was updated on November 17, 2016*