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Rediscovering a Child-like Sense of Wonder

ImageIt’s an exciting time at my house! My nine-month-old is officially walking and has definitely been saying his first word. Anytime something new comes into his view (car, dog, bus, tree swaying in the wind) or he picks up a new thing (toy, kitchen utensil, paper, sand, rocks) he says “WOW!” or “WHOA!” Eyes wide, mouth pursed, pointing his little finger in amazement.

What an amazing thing to witness. In Sekani’s world, everything is new and interesting and inspiring. It has been a constant, beautiful reminder that I too need to keep my child-like sense of wonder about the world around me.

Let us not be jaded by age, thinking that we have seen it all. We have most certainly not. Not yet. Hopefully not ever.

Let us remember to stay open to the world’s beautiful abundance. Let us notice the details and appreciate the intricacies. Let us marvel at color, texture, taste, and sound. Let us drink in our surroundings and feel a settling in our tummies because, yes, everything is and will be okay.

Try it right now. Stop and look around. Smell the sweetness of hazelnut coffee brewing, hear the whirr of the fan, feel the gentle rhythm of your heart beating – steady and strong.

Wow! It really is an amazing world we live in! It really is an amazing life we live!

🙂 peace

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