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Who Will Win the Young Musicians’ Award? How to Maximize Your Learning This Year.


We are a few weeks into the Winter/Spring session so this is the perfect time to explain how the Young Musicians’ Showcase and Awards will work this year! The showcase is always so much fun, it gives all the musicians a chance to share what they’ve been working on, virtually.

This year ALL students, not just private students, are invited to participate! So if you have participated in the virtual choir OR the family guitar class, start thinking about what you might want to share!

Want to be eligible for the Young Musicians’ Award?! The top three students who earn the most points by the time the showcase comes around, will win the award. This is a competition with others, and a competition with yourself! It’s not about being the “best”, it’s about putting in the most effort.

This is how you can earn points…

1. Record your Practice time

For every week you meet your practice goals you earn 2 points towards the YM Award! This is the category where you can earn the most points because it’s all about dedicated time.

Recommended practice times: 2 hours/week for ages 12 and up, and 1.5 hours per week for ages 7-11. These can be broken up into as many days and times as works for you, 20 minutes here, 10 minutes there, etc. Just make sure you record your time!

Practice time should include both deliberate study of whatever we are working on together AND creative playtime. Just play/sing because it’s fun! The more you use your instrument, the better you get at it.

Here’s how you record your time:

Log into your MyMusicStaff account

You can either use the Practice Timer while you practice OR you can manually record your practice time

For the month of February, if you hit your goal every week in the month, you will be awarded an additional 3 points!! So jump to it! See how far you get!

2. Complete Personal and creative Goals

Each time you achieve a goal, you earn 3 points!

During the first week of private sessions we discussed your own personal goals AND the goals that I have for you, so you can improve your overall musicianship. Stay focused on your goals and you’ll see just how fast you will improve.

To stay in touch with the goals you set for yourself, log into MyMusicStaff and check out the notes from our past sessions.

3. Sign Up for Additional Classes

J3 Music Studios has a number of classes throughout the semester OR you can find virtual classes through other music and performance programs! For each additional class you sign up for on top of your current private lessons, you earn 3 points.

To see what classes are available through J3, check here: current J3 classes. If you find something outside of J3, just tell me you’ve signed up and tell me about the class – you’ll get points.

4. Find New Ways to stay connected and get inspired

By following J3 Music Studios on Instagram (or ask your parents) OR following my mailing list you will get 1 point toward the YM Award. Also, if you send me pictures of yourself with your instrument I will feature your photos on the instagram page!

I’m looking for photos of you playing your instrument, sharing music, practicing, etc.

Videos are great too! But make sure you’ve signed the waiver or I can’t share your photos or videos.



Good luck! Have fun with your instrument and see where it takes you this year 🙂