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Beyond the Lessons—Teaching People, Not Just Music

This post came to me tonight and I wanted to share it with everyone. I did not write it. The person who did is a full-time teacher who has taught music for over 30 years. He has seen countless young people in his classroom, some who continued with music and some who used what they learned and applied it to whatever field they entered later in life.

We are ALL creators and we are ALL worthy of teachers who see us for who we are. This man is a gem ? I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did.

Alfred Music Ledger Lines


By Richard Meyer

When asked in an interview recently to give advice to new teachers, I remarked: “Remember that you are teaching people, not music.” As teachers, we are so lucky. Every day we are given the opportunity to influence our students’ lives for the better and we have at our disposal the greatest vehicle for change known to humankind: music. Of all the subjects in the entire school curriculum, I am convinced that it is music that best teaches our students the most important life skills.

As every school year begins, we meet new students who are anxious to learn to play an instrument. They sign up for our classes because they know that they want music to be a part of their lives. What these eager beginners don’t know, however, is that once they start playing music, their lives will never be the same. They don’t know of…

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