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Musical Tales for Modern Minds Bridges Cultural Divides Through Stories and Songs

On November 3, I had the opportunity to share my musical storybooks on stage with a cast of colorful, cultural, talented, adults and kids. In collaboration with Imani Edutainers African Dance and Peruvian musician Noe Juarez, Musical Tales for Modern Minds featured African drumming and dance, as well as Peruvian flute music.

Musical Tales for Modern Minds is a series of storybooks that introduce music concepts to young kids. Each story takes place in a different part of the world and features a character that is learning something about themselves and the world around them. Readers are invited to drum or sing along with the characters as the stories progress. The books come with an audio CD with original music influenced by the cultural sounds of that region and an audiobook version of the stories. Young vocalists from J3 Music Studios are featured in the music, and in the live performance.



Find Musical Tales for Modern Minds on Amazon and bring them home to the young musicians in your life.

Find out more about the storybook series here.


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