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Preschoolers are Amazing! Thank You College Hill Children’s Center

Really and truly, preschoolers are amazing. So insightful, honest, pure, and joyful. They are so full of unlimited potential, I feel incredibly honored to have had the privilege of sharing music with such beautiful beings.

For six weeks we sang, clapped, stomped, danced, and made some super cool instruments, which I will be sharing with you over the next few posts here at The Music Mommy. We learned about the building blocks of music: rhythm, melody, harmony, and silence – and in every class we always brought it back to the rhythm of our hearts. The Boomwhackers were a big hit too! Boomwhackers are far too fun and silly and perfect for this age range.

I have to say a giant thank you to College Hill Children’s Center for inviting me to your awesome school and allowing me to do what I love with the kids. Looking forward to making music with their infants and toddlers in a few months!

I think I just might have to frame this one…20130415_215718

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