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Making Music / Making Language


There’s a new study out which even more closely links the learning of music with the learning of language. Specifically, “training on a music instrument improves kids’ verbal memory”.

The idea is that individual notes from a musical phrase are processed in the brain the same way we process individual syllables of a spoken word. Combining musical notes to make a phrase, and phrases to make a song, is very similar to combining syllables to make a word, or words to make a sentence.

Children who are exposed to music early on, in particular those who have been learning to play an instrument, often have an easier grasp on the building of words and sentences within their native language.

You can read the article here, which appeared in the January 9, 2013 Pacific Standard… Music Training Boosts Brainpower

Just another reason to make music with your kids! AND another reason to keep music in our schools…

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