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Creating a Platform for Young Musicians

Young Musicians Showcase

Every once in a while an overwhelming feeling of calm washes over you. Your mind stops. All you can do is look around, the world in slow-mo around you. You think to yourself, “wow, I am so lucky.” There is a feeling of being simultaneously grounded in your body, and lifted in your heart. It makes you remember your connection to all things. It makes you remember who you are and why you are here. Gratitude washes over…

That’s how I felt this past weekend as I looked out at the crowd from the stage of the Young Musicians Showcase. There were a good 200 people in attendance at our free concert. Many of them were just walking by and stopped to listen.

It was Only an Idea

I’ve been carrying this idea around for years, slowly building my music teaching business (J3 Music Studios), through word-of mouth referrals. Rather than having a “recital” at the end of each semester, we have showcases and house concerts. The students don’t practice week to week, they rehearse. And we don’t just learn other people’s songs, we write our own.

Picturing a day when these creative, hardworking kids could get a platform bigger than just my backyard is what has kept me going. I just want these kids to feel like their voices are being heard.

Partnerships Make the World Go Round

So I partnered with the Lancaster City Office of Promotion and Music for Everyone to present a showcase that would feature young talent from all over the area. We held auditions at Tellus 360 and found thirteen performers, age 12-19, to headline the city-wide Music Friday series.

On Friday night I got to witness, in virtual slo-mo, as my heart burst with pride, this city embracing it’s up and coming talent. The cheers, the laughter, the music, it was magical 🙂

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I want to get my daughters involved this is great ??

Excellent! The sister site is where you can find out more about private lessons and classes. Also, if you get on the mailing list of follow @TheMusicMommy you will get updates about showcase auditions.

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