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Finding Balance Between the Creative and the Practical


IMG_2679Last night I got an email from my (very proud) mama saying “you’re in Guitar World Magazine!…” at first I thought it was an email to my dad, Stanley Jordan, that I had been copied on. There was a moment of, “cool! Not surprising…” and then I read the heading of the article she had linked “10 Female Guitarists You Should Know“. I double-taked and then, with a sigh of “could this be spam?” I clicked the link. Sure enough, there I was, two players below Orianthi, no less!

Had this happened 4 years ago, I would have been excited and thankful, but not exactly “surprised”. Four years ago I was working very diligently toward my musical performance goals in a city that chews talented people up and spits ’em out, but I was making progress and getting press here and there. My surprise about this article comes from the very real fact that, I hardly play guitar at all these days! Not that I don’t have a deep desire for reconnecting with my instrument, I just don’t have enough hands for it. You need two to play and three to be a mom, and that’s far more than I have right now.

Nonetheless, this writer, PR woman extraordinaire, decided that I was a good fit. And I have to say, she has truly lit a fire under my bum bum, that’s for sure. I feel like this was a reminder from the Heavens to get back to what makes me ME. Someone who inspires others through music, not just by teaching it but by BEING it. I guess Spirit decided that I needed a little boost of confidence to get me going again.

But it got me thinking about all the Creative Parents out there. How do you balance your time between the creative and the practical? The day job and the day dream? It is imperative that we find a balance. Some days/weeks/months/years the scale will tip to one side or the other, but in order to maintain our spiritual and creative equilibrium we have to find that balance. It’s come to my attention that it’s time for me to do that now 🙂

So, thanks to Laura B. Whitmore for connecting with my music amidst a sea of talented female guitarists, and for including me in your article (part 6) 🙂

And to other Creative Parents: what’s the trick? How do YOU balance home and work?

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